our products MODULES KIT kitchen, They are made with materials of the first firms in the sector, nationwide, which meet all the requirements for existing European standards, thus providing the certificates and quality programs that are welcomed. The main raw materials used in our manufacturing process are as follows:

  • Particle board of wood veneered 16 mm y 18 mm , melamine paper with grammage 100 white color and designs.
  • Wood particle board veneered, for rear part 6 mm. melamine two white faces and designs.
  • Adhesive term fuse to PVC edges, nonflammable flame without solvent content.
  • PVC edges in front 0.8 mm and residues 0.4 . 
  • Each module contains a bag of hardware required for assembly. Bag Contents Hardware: Zincados screws 70×50 type tapping allen, beech wooden dowels 8×30, subject-shelves with galvanized iron metraquilato, and matching trim caps.
For maintenance: This furniture suitable for domestic use, for cleaning, It is used only a damp cloth with soap solution.

All these raw materials are handled and processed in MODULES KIT cooking without undergoing any modification of its qualities. Therefore we certify that our products meet the quality standards required.